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One of the best safe haven currency pairs, USD getting stronger against Rupiah

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USD / IDR this morning Tuesday, March 7, 2017 opened at the level of 13.360 / 13.375 and is expected to be traded in the range of 13.300 to 13.400.

From the global FX markets yesterday, the Asian and European sessions, major currencies rebounded against the USD. JPY rose after the news about the launch of four ballistic missile activity in the area near Japanese waters. AUD also strengthened after the data release Retail Sales January in accordance with the consensus, but this is quite limited due to strengthening market focus fixed on the RBA meeting today. EUR also gained after the publication of data on Euro Zone Sentix Investor Confidence March period were higher than expectations. But in the American session, the USD weaken due to the action of rebuilding reduce long USD positions as positive sentiment of market participants to the opportunities for advancement Fed Funds Rate at the FOMC meeting in March.

From the domestic market, USD / IDR fell slightly yesterday due to profit-taking traders after a sharp strengthening of the USD last week. USD / IDR yesterday traded in the range of 13345-13370 and closed at 13 350.

March 6, 2017 closing share:
JCI + 0:34%
Dow Jones -0.25%
Nikkei -0.46%
Straits Times -0.03%
Gold $ 1225
Oil $ 53.18

Foreign Exchange rate indication, March 7, 2017 at 8:10 pm:
USD / IDR: 13340/13355
EUR / IDR: 14105/14125
GBP / IDR: 16320/16345
JPY / IDR: 117.00 / 117.20
AUD / IDR: 10130/10145
SGD / IDR: 9440/9455
CNH / S: 1930/1950

1week: 13350/13370
2weeks: 13365/13385
1month: 13390/13410
2months: 13435/13455
3months: 13490/13500

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